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Moon Knight Vol.4 - The Death of Marc Spector
Collects issues #20-25 It's Moon Knight versus the Thunderbolts in this 5 part story arc. After Moon Knight kills Black Spectre on national tv, the Commission on Superhuman Activities turns to Norman Osborne and the Thunderbolts to bring him in.
Moon Knight Vol.1 - From The Dead
Mark Spector is Moon Knight! Or is he? Hard to say, these days, especially when the bravest of vigilance in New York protects street with two fists of justice and three - that's right, count 'em - three different personalities! But even with the mystical power of the Egyptian god of the moon Honshu filling his crusade, how the greatest detective
Moon Knight #06
The threat from the first issue came back to cause problems for Moon Knight! This mysterious man is the new black SPECTRE and it does not mean anything good for the defense of night travelers. Do not miss the conclusion of Warren Ellis, Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire.
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