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New Warriors #04
THE KIDS ARE ALL FIGHT (part 4 of 4) End here as Evolutionary War II begins! New Warriors face off against the High Evolutionary. Can they stop the genocide of the world? Should they? How many lives will you sacrifice to save all mankind? The solution comes to the universe Marvel.
New Warriors #03
Kids in the battle! Brand New NOVA has tea with the High Evolutionary as the world approaches the genocide. Why the High Evolutionary want to kill anything that is not human? Is he a hero or a villain? The answers here! PLUS! As new soldiers going to the New York seized RED SPIDER meets Nova, and one of them is really annoying another. Guess.
New Warriors #02
In Evolutionaries are on the warpath! If this is not a person, it dies. Supreme Evolutionary want with Nova? Worldwide, the New Warriors come together ... SEE! Sun Girl and Haechi deal with Morlocks! WITNESS! Justice and Speedball fight to save magic! Cringe! As the Scarlet Spider refuses to play well with others.
New Warriors #01
WARRIORS REBORN! Adventurers SpeedBall and justice came together with a group of young heroes, including NOVA, Sun Girl and Hummingbird (and even a couple of new faces) to stop the latest threat to the Marvel Universe-Atlanteans, the Inhumans, clones and hundreds of other so-called "higher" creatures live among people from the Marvel universe, but
Scarlet Spider #25
LAST QUESTION devastating! It's over. Kane did his best to be a hero. He could not. What about Houston? Who lives? Who dies? Is there a place for the Scarlet Spider in this world? Answers will surprise you. Two years and 25 issues led to THIS! Guest starring: Mexico!
Scarlet Spider #23
In grave Part 2 (3) Kane's life is being torn apart piece by piece. His body was broken, his soul is nearby. Enter Hunter.
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