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Thanos - The Infinity Revelation
There is an imbalance in the universe. And, since his last return from oblivion, Thanos himself feels ... incomplete. Now the so-called Mad Titan would put both right wrongs. Pilgrimage in the dark area of Death, and exposing the waters of infinity Well, Thanos leads to a new adventure, with time nemesis on his side. Crusade, which will bring
Silver Surfer #04
To return to alien abductees Dawn Greenwood home Surfer must travel to one place in the galaxy he fears most ... the Earth! And what is going to be fast turns on curves in a very ... strange adventures. Cast: Dr. Strange, The Incredible Hulk, and some surprise guest stars. Among those movie stars on the cover!
Silver Surfer #03
24 pages | 60.3 мb.

Tags: Silver Surfer Dawn Greenwood Never Queen Zed
Any old heroes can save the day. Surfer and Don are out to save the day after. How's it going Kablooey, find out why the fate of each of the possible resting tomorrow ... in clockwork toy monkey. No. Really. One of these terrible things from the plates. Also, after 48 years in the comics, one of the most under appreciated characters in the entire
Silver Surfer #02
23 pages | 58.2 мb.

Tags: Silver Surfer Dawn Greenwood Never Queen Zed
Who is NEVER Queen? Like all future Marvel universe connected to its very existence? And why is she trying to destroy the Silver Surfer! Is this issue important? Course. But you know what's just as important? Lunch. Because that girl Dawn Greenwood Land for lunch today can change the fate of all! Not kidding here. It is very important dinner.
Silver Surfer - In Thy Name #01-04 Complete
The Silver Surfer delves alone into the farthest depths of the void; entanglement with theft of pirates, demonic beasts and a race of alien aristocrats. Everyone's favorite space traveler discovers that even in the midst of a galactic utopia, horror is never far away ... With electrifying scenes dynamic Tan Eng Huat (Doom Patrol, Batman) and
Silver Surfer #01
22 pages | 58.4 мb.

Tags: Silver Surfer Mike Allred Dan Slott
"New Dawn" The universe is large. More than you could ever imagine. And the Silver Surfer, a lonely sentinel of air routes, is about to discover the best way to see it ... it's with someone else. Get to earth girl who challenged Surfer go beyond the well-known Marvel U - in a strange, new and absolutely fantastic! Everywhere ... Hang On! Silver
Silver Surfer - Requiem #01-04 Complete
Silver Surfer , forever tall intergalactic force of nature , discovers that he is dying from a mysterious affliction that the best of the Marvel Universe can not fix. Deciding to spend his last days in search of his true purpose , Surfer reconsider old locale and shares his unique existence with several of the most famous Marvel characters .
Ultimate Extinction #01-05 Complete
Ultimate Extinction, Warren Ellis and Brandon Peterson, was the final chapter in the long Galactus Trilogy. As in the previous chapters of the trilogy, he took his own tone of the narrative. Which was just as science fiction disaster film with Ta Lak Tus as the impending global disaster. This limited edition features the final version debuts Misty
Chaos War - Thor #01-02 Complete
Chaos War tie-ins! In the midst of an epic battle raging through the chaos of war, Thor squares off against an enemy that can be the most powerful he's ever faced - an alien god known only as Glory! This plant has its sites set on helping Chaos King destroy all of reality - so what hope does a simple Thunder God was to stop him? Comics master JM
Hunger #04
Beginning of the End? Rick Jones failed to stop the Earth from destruction? The agony of the universe! The hero will be reborn? Road to CATACLYSM starts here!
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