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Invincible Vol.3 - Perfect Strangers (TPB)
Omni-Man struggles to find the right time to tell his son the truth about his home planet Viltrum and the reason that he is here on Earth. Invincible attends the new Guardians Of The Globe tryouts but doesn't participate. The Immortal has been resurrected and seeks vengeance on Omni-Man. Invincible arrives on the scene just as Omni-Man kills The
Invincible Vol.1 - Family Matters (TPB)
Mark Grayson is a young kid in high school who begins to develop the super powers he inherited from his father. As he begins to grow into a hero and fight crime, he meets a group of heroes called the Teen Team. Invincible stops one of his high school teachers who was behind the mall bombings that were happening. Introduction by Kurt Busiek.
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