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Invincible Vol.15 - Get Smart (TPB)
Mark Grayson finds himself at a crossroads: Is fighting battles head-on always the best solution to the world's greatest threats, or is there a better way?
Invincible Vol.5 - The Facts of Life (TPB)
After the hectic events of INVINCIBLE, VOL. 4: HEAD OF THE CLASS, Mark, a.k.a. Invincible, while continuing to deal with the loss of his father, finds himself face-to-face with piles of villains and the worst conflict of all: teenage love! Introduction by Mike Wieringo.
Invincible Vol.1 - Family Matters (TPB)
Mark Grayson is a young kid in high school who begins to develop the super powers he inherited from his father. As he begins to grow into a hero and fight crime, he meets a group of heroes called the Teen Team. Invincible stops one of his high school teachers who was behind the mall bombings that were happening. Introduction by Kurt Busiek.
Invincible #124
“REBOOT?” Part One! This one is big, folks. We're going back to square one. Mark suddenly finds himself without powers. BACK HOME...but aware of everything he's lived through. What does he change, who can he save...and how will he deal with his father now that he's knows what's coming?
Invincible #116
31 pages | 41.5 мb.

Tags: Invincible Deborah Grayson Omni-Man
In the aftermath of the robot attempts to take over the world, the few survivors who have to pick up the pieces remain the world once familiar ... but now completely alien.
Invincible #114
The death toll finally reaches its end. Who will rise from the ashes?
Invincible Vol.18 - Death of Everyone (TPB)
Mark Grayson's whole life as a superhero, all that he had learned all that he endured, it's all been leading to this one moment. Will he become the hero he was ... or he chooses a different path? Collects issues # 97-102 of the greatest super hero comic in the universe.
Invincible Returns #01
This is a special stand-alone issue will bring readers new and old up to speed on your favorite comic superhero everyone. In the end, unbeaten returns to his old costume. After the shocking events Invincible War and the cataclysmic battle with Conquest, undefeated ready to turn the page to a bold new era
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