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Invincible Vol.3 - Perfect Strangers (TPB)
Omni-Man struggles to find the right time to tell his son the truth about his home planet Viltrum and the reason that he is here on Earth. Invincible attends the new Guardians Of The Globe tryouts but doesn't participate. The Immortal has been resurrected and seeks vengeance on Omni-Man. Invincible arrives on the scene just as Omni-Man kills The
Capes #01-03 Complete
When Bruce Bolt first heard these words, he took them to heart, and set out to do just that ... he's now teamed up with a group of like-minded people. What would you do if you woke up tomorrow with amazing and fantastic powers far beyond that of a mere mortal? I would become a star football player, famous boxer, or the world's fastest pizza
Last Hero Standing #01-05 Compete
Last Hero Standing is a 5-part limited series from Marvel in 2005. The series takes place in the MC2 universe and the concept is a graph that includes the complete universe of heroes, like the classic mini-series, such as the Secret War.
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