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Victims and Other Questions for an Empty Universe
What do we really know about those who are closest to us? What deep-rooted secrets do they conceal from us? And if we could discover the truth, would we even want to? Victims and Other Questions for an Empty Universe confronts these questions, and others, in 6 strange stories. These stories will make want to leave the light on-so you can keep an
The Harvestmen and Other Unnatural Creatures
An apartment building infested with a never-before-seen kind of bug. Corn fields swollen with otherworldly crops. Subterranean colleges where unusual students learn a fearsome craft. A child learning a terrible lesson from a strange friend. These stories, and more, come to disturbing life in the pages of The Harvestmen and Other Unnatural
The Cousin of Death and Other Unexplainable Events
A corrupt undertaker facing a more-than-divine judgment. A fiddle made of flesh and bone that can only play the song of its creation. A man wakes up to find his doppelganger smiling at him. Mysterious old men who peer into the second-floor windows of sleeping children. These and other mysterious events haunt the world of The Cousin of Death and
Termites In Your Smile and Other Relationships Gone Wrong
Does the line between insanity and the supernatural matter if it costs you a friend? A lothario faces a grisly vengeance from the mysterious women he's wronged. A ghost-hunter encounters a ghost bearing a disturbing truth. A tree grows leaves that show a family's secret history. These stories, and more, come to disturbing life in the pages of The
Split Lip Presents - Victims
Adam can't remember anything from his teenage years-but that changes when he passes a stranger on a crowded street. As his memories come crashing back to him, he realizes that what he'd blocked out is worse than he could have imagined-memories that reveal to him the source of the problems that have plagued his adult relationships for years. This
Split Lip Presents - Unsub
21 pages | 19.3 мb.

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How well do we truly know the people in our lives? For one woman, called into a police station for reasons that she doesn't know, the answer is: not well enough. Over the course of a conversation with a detective, the woman must face her darkest suspicions and recognize her role in a series of shocking acts-a role she never intended to play. UNSUB
Split Lip Presents - Straw Gods
пїјIn the midst of the Depression, the Dust Bowl settles on the Midwest, turning many farms into useless expanses of loose dust. For the farmers struggling to hold onto their livelihoods and heritage, it's a fruitless struggle on a dying land. One such farmer, Vernon, struggles to keep the farm passed down through his family for generations alive.
Last Caress and Other Uncanny Encounters
Fashion executives who see can see only decay and crave darkness. A Depression-era farmer choosing between a failing farm and a failing wife. A wife searching for her husband, disappeared on their honeymoon. A photographer sees something he shouldn't have through his camera. You'll meet these characters and more in Last Caress and Other Uncanny
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