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The Rise of the Antichrist #07
32 pages | 38 мb.

Tags: The Rise of the Antichrist Adam Michael Noa
Revelation Adam lies when Noa confronts him with her knowledge of his secret. Feeling forsaken by the God he loves so much, Michael finally receives his divine inspiration to carry out God's mission of peace.
Marvel Season One Guide 2012
Preview guide to upcoming Season One titles in 2012. Includes material from the Season One graphic novels of Ant-Man, Hulk, and Doctor Strange.
Hulk Season One
New York Times bestseller Fred Van Lente (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) and acclaimed artist Tom Fowler (VENOM) retell the beginnings of the green goliath for a new generation! This is the definitive origin of the Hulk — as well as Betty Ross, now Red She-Hulk; and General “Thunderbolt” Ross, now the avenging Red Hulk! Plus: Gamma Base, Rick Jones and
The Rise of the Antichrist #06
30 pages | 30.8 мb.

Tags: The Rise of the Antichrist Adam Michael Noa
Sensation Michael returns to the city and shocks the world as he shares his messianic gifts with the people. Adam shares a deeply held secret with Noa.
Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter - The First Death #01-02 Complete
Her fans have been asking for it and now Laurell K. Hamilton is going to deliver. Laurell K. Hamilton, Dabel Brothers Productions, and Marvel are coming together to give readers a look into Anita Blake's past. Written by Laurell K. Hamilton herself, along with Jonathon Green, this July will see the release of part one of a two issue limited series
High Fructose Zombies Vol.1
When a brand new candy bar, called Snakatak, starts turning people into zombies in the small, humble town of Sweetooth, it is up to Clea Brown and her ragtag group of friends to stop the evil Yumzy Corporation from reigning down the Sugarpocalypse! This is the full collection of issues 1-6, the entire first arc of the story!!! Included is concept
Split Lip Presents - Victims
Adam can't remember anything from his teenage years-but that changes when he passes a stranger on a crowded street. As his memories come crashing back to him, he realizes that what he'd blocked out is worse than he could have imagined-memories that reveal to him the source of the problems that have plagued his adult relationships for years. This
Star Reach #01-14, 16-18
17 issues pages | 405.1 мb.

Tags: Star Reach Adam Cody Starbuck Death Eve God Lucifer
One of the earliest independently-published series that bridged the space between pure "underground comix" and the mainstream publishers.
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