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Spawn Origins Collection Vol.1
The stories and artwork that laid the groundwork for the most successful independent comic book ever published. SPAWN: ORIGINS, VOL. 1 includes the introduction of not only Spawn, but also a number of other memorable and menacing characters, including Malebolgia, Overtkill and the Violator. The first Spawn: Origins issue, reprinting Spawn #1-6.
Spawn Origins Collection Vol.13
SPAWN: ORIGINS, VOL. 13 is the latest addition to the ever-expanding classic SPAWN trade paperback program. Collecting classic issues written by Spawn creator TODD McFARLANE with legendary artist GREG CAPULLO providing stellar pencil work. Spawn visits Greenworld to help restore the earth's splendo. When he returns, he helps Sam and Twitch solve a
Spawn Origins Collection Vol.12
The Freak returns with an agenda of his own and Sam and Twitch are caught in the middle. Will Spawn come to their aid or will his apathy be the end of the detectives? Throw Wolfram the Vampire and the Heap in the mix and who knows what'll happen! Relive the excitement of one of the best-selling independent comics of all time and grow your SPAWN:
Sam and Twitch - The Writer
In the dead of winter, during a nasty snowstorm, a routine homicide investigation takes a literary twist. A suspected drug dealer is found dead, naked and with what seems to be part of a larger story written all over his body. This is the beginning of the serial killing spree dubbed by the press as the 'The Writer.' Detectives Sam Burke and Twitch
Grifter Vol.2 #01-14 Complete
14 issues pages | 197.1 мb.

Tags: Grifter Sam Burke Twitch Williams
Founder of WildC.ATs, Grifter has seen more than its fair share of action in his battles against Daemonites on Earth. But now, when the war ended and Daemonite fire from heaven crisis averted, Grifter revised its place in relation to WildC.ATs and WildStorm Universe as a whole.
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