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WildCats Vol.2 #01-28 + Annual + Sketchbook
30 issues pages | 217.4 мb.

Tags: WildCats Grifter Maul Spartan Voodoo Zealot
Six months after Grifter left the Wildcats, the team is just a shadow of its former self. When Grifter finally does decide to return to the team he finds little time for old grudges as the Wildcats members are swept up in a globe-trotting journey of discovery. With leadership changes, members discovering new abilities, and the introduction of new
The Kindred #01-04 Complete
Grifter and Backlash were once part of an elite military group called Team 7. However, after the mission led to the death of one of his teammates, Grifter and backlash grew to hate each other. Now the two men were returned with other former members of Team 7 John Lynch to explore the island of strange creatures called Kindred. And for the origins
Grifter Vol.2 #01-14 Complete
14 issues pages | 197.1 мb.

Tags: Grifter Sam Burke Twitch Williams
Founder of WildC.ATs, Grifter has seen more than its fair share of action in his battles against Daemonites on Earth. But now, when the war ended and Daemonite fire from heaven crisis averted, Grifter revised its place in relation to WildC.ATs and WildStorm Universe as a whole.
Grifter Midnighter (1-6 series) Complete
After Midnayter spent a long time in virtual reality, begin to torment his strange vision. After a failed job Grifter goes to Paris, where he enters into battle with Midnayterom. After a long massacre, they encounter a group of terrorists. Now Grifteru Midnayteru and to join forces in this fight, but this battle is just beginning, the worst to
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