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The Humans Vol.1 - Humans For Life
The HUMANS Volume 1: HUMANS FOR LIFE collects the highly acclaimed first 4 issues of IMAGE Comics runaway hit series, as well as the highly collectible, long-out-of-print, self published #0 issue. Within this volume, you'll meet The HUMANS as they mourn the loss of a fallen brother only to have Johnny, a long-thought-dead member, return to the
Spawn Origins Collection Vol.14
Relive the excitement of one of the best-selling independent comics of all time and grow your SPAWN: ORIGINS collection! In this volume: The ghost of slain child killer Billy Kincaid returns to taunt Spawn! Possessing human souls, Kincaid carries out his dirty work vicariously through innocents. Sam and Twitch find themselves knee deep in it when
Spawn Origins Collection Vol.12
The Freak returns with an agenda of his own and Sam and Twitch are caught in the middle. Will Spawn come to their aid or will his apathy be the end of the detectives? Throw Wolfram the Vampire and the Heap in the mix and who knows what'll happen! Relive the excitement of one of the best-selling independent comics of all time and grow your SPAWN:
Sweet Tooth Vol.5 - Unnatural Habitat
In this volume collecting issues #26-32, Captain James Thacker's expedition discovers deadly, centuries-old secrets. Plus, while Jeppard and Gus head for Alaska, things deteriorate for those left at the sanctuary.
The Humans #03
30 pages | 48.9 мb.

Tags: The Humans Bobby Johnny
Scars brought home from the war are not always visible ... Plagued with memories of violence and death, Johnny tries to forget the vision of fire, bullets and blood from time to time in Vietnam, but the hooting calls Viet Cong fill his sleeping head and pour into his real life as Bobby and the people welcome him back into the fold.
The Humans #01
30 pages | 64.7 мb.

Tags: The Humans Bobby Johnny
In addition, they do ... in a society considered as outcasts, misfits, losers, no good punks! But together, they are the people! People are not a high-octane, no-holds-barred, monkey-biker-gang drive crusher in 70th exploitation genre bliss. Follow Bobby, Johnny, and all men as they fight, and fly on the road to oblivion for a trip filled with
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