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Static #01-45 Complete
Static was a comic production milestone in DC and followed an African -American teen named Virgil Ovid Hawkins, otherwise known as staticheskie.Komicheskogo should Virgil as he tries to overcome the problem of teenage and before hitting the babies that threaten Dakota. Virgil himself explosion child , and like all the others , it was created by an
Blood Syndicate #01-35 Complete
Blood Syndicate, a group of individuals who, in order to remove all forms of oppression especially the oppression of white men on the people in their sphere of influence. They also want to clean their streets, and today is one of those days where they are to take a crack at home and benefit from it as well. During the mission, the team follows a
Icon #01-42 Complete
In 1839 , an alien crashes and Starliner vzorvalsya.Otbrosil life Pod crashed in a cotton field in the Deep South. The pod was equipped with a unique mechanism of survival, which was programmed to adjust the genetic structure of its passengers to meet all forms of life, he first encountered . And so it happened that Miriam , a slave who found Pod,
Hardware #01-50 Complete
50 issues pages | 544 мb.

Tags: Hardware Collection Milestone Edwin Alva Reprise 1993-1997
Welcome to the Universe Dakota. Curtis Metcalf , young prodogy, is the inventor of weapons for the rich and famous Edwin Alva. Thinking that he needs more money to the percentage of their inventions he goes to Alva to ask for that money. Curtis then turn down and then goes looking for some dirt on Alva. Then he learned that Alva is part of the
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