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Iron Man - The Secret Origin Of Tony Stark - Book One Vol.2
Imagine this: Tony Stark. In space. At the bar. With the ladies. What could go wrong? Tune in NOW! Armored Avenger as reaping the consequences of his amazing role in AVX! Plus: a story that will shake the Iron Man at the very core starts here! Many years ago, Howard and Maria Stark was a child - but is that you do not know. Learn the truth about
Ultimate Iron Man #01-05 Complete
Years in the past, Howard Stark recruits Dr. Maria Cerrera, talented geneticist, working on his new biotech armor. They begin a relationship and Stark divorces his previous wife, Loni, marry Mary. While they work together on their project (a project that causes Stark shares to plummet), Loney approaches Zebediah Stane of the alliance. With the
Iron Man #17
Nothing will ever be the same! MORE mind-blowing revelations of "secret origin of Tony Stark," concludes! What 451 did not. What Tony does not know. What changes things FOREVER.
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