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Ultimate Iron Man #01-05 Complete

Ultimate Iron Man #01-05 Complete

Years in the past, Howard Stark recruits Dr. Maria Cerrera, talented geneticist, working on his new biotech armor. They begin a relationship and Stark divorces his previous wife, Loni, marry Mary.

While they work together on their project (a project that causes Stark shares to plummet), Loney approaches Zebediah Stane of the alliance. With the stock that each of them have in Stark, they could take it over.

While working on the project designer Maria infected with a virus, she worked to promote cell regrowth. She was hospitalized and discovers that she is pregnant. Although the virus is killing her, is the implementation of the child differently. He will have a greater mental capacity than any other people, but have a constant pain, as if his skin was always burning. Maria begs Howard to find a way to help your child.

Howard goes back to Stark, hoping that it works on armor could help his future child, Zebediah Stane arrives to announce his company now. Zebediah replies that he now calls "his phone" and is one Howard report that his wife had died.

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