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Grimm Fairy Tales #113
26 pages | 33.8 мb.

Tags: Grimm Fairy Tales Kiera Carmen Lance Mary Sela
STARTING POINT - a new journey begins! For the second year in a secret Acre starts and two new students are welcomed into the fold. Lance, a young knight with an epic destiny, and Maria, a young woman who controls the living dead, must find its place in the mystery of Acre and the impending evil makes them feed their evil plans!
Grimm Fairy Tales Realm Knights
Areas Knights were called for a deadly mission. HiboCorp got the Dark Queen and red Helsing, Neptune, cross, and Sela sent to take her forever. However, as they head into the fight of their lives, they do not know that one of their own has betrayed them. Do not miss this game-changing issue of Realm Knights. Age of Darkness tie-in
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