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Grimm Fairy Tales #108
26 pages | 35.4 мb.

Tags: Grimm Fairy Tales Ali Jessica Ciampo Sela Skye
Writing Your Life Down - Part Two When Ali and Sky involuntarily let out an evil spirit in the Arcane Acre, their growing power put to the test when Sela not there to save them. Tied up in her duties as a defender of the Earth, Sela is connected to the former agent HiboCorp Jessica Ciampo, to save Phoenix stuck in a terrible state between life and
Grimm Fairy Tales #107
26 pages | 33.4 мb.

Tags: Grimm Fairy Tales Ali Hailey Jessica Ciampo Sela
Jumping on point! "Burn Your Life Down" Part 1 Duties SELA once again to take her secret magic of Acre, where the former agent HiboCorp Jessica Ciampo approaching him with a dangerous task. Back in school, Ali spirit appears with a message to Haley. A new evil raises his head to Arcane Acre and before the sun falls, it will hit against the
Grimm Fairy Tales Realm Knights
Areas Knights were called for a deadly mission. HiboCorp got the Dark Queen and red Helsing, Neptune, cross, and Sela sent to take her forever. However, as they head into the fight of their lives, they do not know that one of their own has betrayed them. Do not miss this game-changing issue of Realm Knights. Age of Darkness tie-in
Grimm Fairy Tales #99
The truth behind plans to HiboCorp found! Village is at the mercy of the Dark Queen. Robin, Shang, and Gideon joined red and agent Ciampo, but maybe they can prevent the Age of Darkness come when it seems that the Dark Horde has won? Age of Darkness tie-in
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