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Supreme Blue Rose
Unemployed reporter Diana Dane is hired by a mysterious intelligence broker to solve the biggest mysteries of 21st Century America: what fell on the town of Littlehaven, and who or what is "Supreme?” Collects SUPREME: BLUE ROSE #1-7.
Ultimate Spider-Man Infinite Comic #01-09
I think I'm paranoid: After the usual hassle with the villainous JACK O'Lantern, Spider-Man is convinced that his spider sense Fritz when he starts to warn him of the danger, seemingly at random. It turns out that there is a greater threat than Jack O'Lantern worry, though.
Red Skull #01
One of the most vile villains Marvel Universe gets its own twisted series Secret Wars! Red Skull should be dead, but his legend grows, so a team of villains that includes the Winter Soldier, Magneto and Lady Death sent on a dangerous odyssey to the Deadlands, to prove it ... but no one ever returned alive from the Deadlands! Forced to overcome a
Punisher War Journal Vol.2 #01-26 + Annual Complete
After an absence of years, the Punisher is back, and set in the main Marvel continuity again! See Frank Castle to interact with the rest of the Marvel Universe and serve swift justice to criminals! It lasted 26 issues and was continued in Punisher Vol.7 a month.
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