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Punisher War Journal Vol.4 - Jigsaw
154 pages | 340.2 мb.

Tags: Punisher War Journal Punisher Marvel
The Hand and it's cadre of fantastic killers makes its move against the Punisher as every shooter in New York City has their sites trained on Frank Castle...and with his only allies in hiding, Frank brings the fight underground!
Punisher War Journal Vol.5 - Secret Invasion
119 pages | 207.3 мb.

Tags: Punisher War Journal Punisher Marvel
The Marvel Universe is overrun with evil, slimy green aliens from beyond the stars. Did you honestly believe the Punisher wouldn't get his hands dirty? As seen in the smash-hit series Secret Invasion, fearsome aliens known as Skrulls have used their shape-shifting abilities to infiltrate the Earth's superhuman community at every level in an
Punisher War Journal Vol.3 - Hunter-Hunted
160 pages | 242.6 мb.

Tags: Punisher War Journal Punisher Marvel
The reintroduction of a classic, brutal and bloodthirsty Kraven the Hunter! A bank robbery goes violently wrong - leaving the Rhino on the lam, running from the long arm of the law and, of course, the Punisher. As Frank Castle looks to settle the score with an old foe, the Hunter stalks the same prey, building himself the ultimate menagerie - a
Punisher War Journal Vol.2 #01-26 + Annual Complete
After an absence of years, the Punisher is back, and set in the main Marvel continuity again! See Frank Castle to interact with the rest of the Marvel Universe and serve swift justice to criminals! It lasted 26 issues and was continued in Punisher Vol.7 a month.
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