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Ultimate Spider-Man Infinite Comic #11
In pursuit of the missing technologies for Nick Fury is Spider Man and the power of pain for some RR u. But with a solid lead on the spot-spot who can not be what he seems, is anything but smooth for our heroes. Look what is happening in the deep water, heavy duty showdown!
Ultimate Spider-Man Infinite Comic #10
Peter Parker (aka Ultimate Spider-Man) and Luke Cage (aka Power Man) get theater when they appear criss-crossing through the portals of Hollywood! Can they ever catch up when they are in pursuit of the spot?
Ultimate Spider-Man Infinite Comic #01-09
I think I'm paranoid: After the usual hassle with the villainous JACK O'Lantern, Spider-Man is convinced that his spider sense Fritz when he starts to warn him of the danger, seemingly at random. It turns out that there is a greater threat than Jack O'Lantern worry, though.
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