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Con Edison Presents - JLA Starring Batman #1
The Justice League of America attend a convention on conserving electricity and meet some kids and tell the kids a story of why they should conserve electricity.
JLA Classified Vol.2 - New Maps of Hell
108 pages | 182.0 мb.

Tags: JLA Classified JLA DC
Collecting the 6-part story from JLA CLASSIFIED #10-15, by Warren Ellis and Butch Guice! The various members of the JLA are drawn into a deadly web of illusions, each visiting a very personal vision of Hell. Manipulating them is a mysterious being known only as Z, and if he succeeds, the World's Greatest Super-Heroes are doomed!
JLA-Z #1-3 Complete
3 issues pages | 23.0 мb.

Tags: JLA Z JLA DC comics
JLA WildC.A.T.s
65 pages | 26.2 мb.

Tags: JLA Wildcats DC
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