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JLA: Witchblade
48 pages | 22.7 мb.

Tags: JLA Witchblade JLA comics
JLA: Primeval
66 pages | 31.9 мb.

Tags: JLA comics Primeval JLA
JLA: Gallery
34 pages | 7.9 мb.

Tags: JLA Gallery JLA comics

JLA: Gallery (1997)

Publisher: DC
JLA: Earth 2
98 pages | 50.0 мb.

Tags: JLA Earth 2 JLA comics

JLA: Earth 2 (2000)

Publisher: DC
52 pages | 18.8 мb.

Tags: JLA Cyberforce JLA comics
JLA - The Deluxe Edition (Volume 2)
In an effort to increase the popularity of the comic book of the League and to profit from it, writer Gerry Conway along with artist Chuck Patton decided to renew the League. In the story, after some of the superheroes were not able to come and help in repelling the invasion of Martians, Aquaman team rewrote the statute and now consist in the
DC Comics Presents - JLA - Heaven's Ladder
91 pages | 127.5 мb.

Tags: DC Comics Presents JLA Heavens Ladder JLA comics
The powerful graphic novel from 2000 is reprinted, along with GREEN LANTERN #1,000,000!When the Earth is wrenched from its orbit and transported into a massive alien craft, The Justice League quickly begins an investigation to discover the identity of the culprit and his scheme. Earth's greatest heroes soon learn that an eons-old race of
JLA - Paradise Lost (1-3 series) Complete
3 issues pages | 49.8 мb.

Tags: JLA - Paradise Lost JLA comics Paradise Lost Mark Millar
The exciting 3-issue miniseries teaming the JLA with the fallen angel Zauriel (first seen in JLA (1997) #6-7) continues, as the Martian Manhunter lays dying! While the JLA rushes to the aid of their fallen comrade, the fallen Angel Zauriel must flee the allied forces of Heaven and Hell with Shannon, his one true love. But when the Father of Lies,
JLA - Earth 2
94 pages | 52.1 мb.

Tags: JLA Earth 2 JLA Earth 2 JLA comics
There is a parallel universe where on the planet Earth , there are also characters , check the properties of familiar superheroes . In the universe of evil always wins , and Lex Luthor is still struggling with the Justice League , or rather to its counterpart . But this time Lex Luthor on the good side . He makes a very risky move - sent to Earth
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