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Aztek - The Ultimate Man
From writers Grant Morrison (52, BATMAN) and Mark Millar (Marvels Ultimates and Civil War) comes Aztek, a visionary hero from the 1990s. Avatar and champioin of Quetzalcoatl, the Aztec god of light, Aztek is the culmination of the labors of countless generations of preparation for the inevitable battle between the forces of light and darkness a
Aztek – The Ultimate Man (1-10 series) Complete
Aztek: The Ultimate Man was the brainchild of writers Mark Millar and Grant Morrison and artist N. Steven Harris. The ongoing series was designed to debut a new hero of the DC universe. The series followed the anti-hero Aztek; a hero whose big picture mission meant he took unusual solutions to solving the small problems. Aztek: The Ultimate Man
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