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Iron Man - Fatal Frontier
This is the first printed edition, history, previously only available in an innovative format Infinite comics Marvel! The moon has declared war on the Earth! After stopping the rocket aimed at Hollywood, Iron Man travels to the moon to explore, and a collision with a robotic drummer and his moon-based society! And when the old enemy attacks
Iron Man  - The Secret Origin of Tony Stark - Book Two Vol.3
Prepare for a mind-blowing revelation, as shocking mystery of Tony Stark continues! And it began with the birth! How manipulative on Foreign 451 in accident exposed, massive surprise waiting for Tony to desert the battlefield from the beginning of time. Now everything Iron Man has to do is fight a robot that can take over his armor at any time and
Iron Man Vol.1 - Believe
Tony Stark is Iron Man - a technological visionary, a rich playboy that is unparalleled engineer and armored avenger . ! But now that his greatest invention just become his biggest mistake : lethal techno Extremis virus is in the wild ! Tony Hunt for rogue Extremis units takes him to New Camelot , where he clashes with fur- called Knights of
Iron Man #19
"IRON METROPOLITAN" PART TWO! Pepper meets P.E.P.P.E.R. Uh-oh. Pepper discovers a secret family, Tony. A different kind Oh-oh. Inauguration of the nucleus of Troy, Iron Metropolitan Tony Mandarin-City. What could go wrong?
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