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Grendel vs. The Shadow #03
Eisner Award winner Matt Wagner brings this exciting mini-series, with its dramatic conclusion, as the two pulp-noir icons go head to head! Grendel will succumb to the seductive temptations of the past? Or shadow finally become a victim of the most dangerous enemy, he never encountered? WHO will prevail as. ,, Master of Darkness? Matt Wagner
Grendel Omnibus Vol.1 - Hunter Rose
Matt Wagner's masterpiece celebrates its thirtieth anniversary with the first-ever complete collection complete Grendel saga! The first of four volumes presenting the entire series and after the chronology of history, this edition is a millionaire Hunter Rose and his alter ego, the criminal mastermind Grendel! Volume 1 reprints Grendel: Devil by
Grendel - Black, White & Red #01-04 Complete
Grendel . Synonymous with crime and violence. Hunter Rose. Names familiar with wealth and privilege. Grendel : Black , white, and red is the highly anticipated series, which brings together an impressive array of talented artists , led by creator Matt Wagner. Wagner wrote these tales of punishment and revenge , corruption and despair , is shown in
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