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Grimm Fairy Tales #109
26 pages | 39.9 мb.

Tags: Grimm Fairy Tales Grendel Wulf
BEOWULF - PART ONE Danger lurks in Oz. Wolfe, excluded from the Privy Acre, took part in a rigorous ABRAXAS Academy, he finds himself in front of a greater threat than he could have imagined ... the monstrous Grendel. Zenescope Entertainment, a company known for its popular inventions Robin Hood and Alice in Wonderland, finally takes the old story
Grendel vs. The Shadow #03
Eisner Award winner Matt Wagner brings this exciting mini-series, with its dramatic conclusion, as the two pulp-noir icons go head to head! Grendel will succumb to the seductive temptations of the past? Or shadow finally become a victim of the most dangerous enemy, he never encountered? WHO will prevail as. ,, Master of Darkness? Matt Wagner
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