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Secret Wars 2099 #03
For the first time ever, see the defenders of 2099 square off against the Avengers! When super heroes controlled corporations, what differences could drive Defenders take a stand against powerful heroes of the Earth?
Secret Wars 2099 #02
SPIDER-2099 Gwen cover version JASON Latour Secret Wars continues Avengers Year 2099 came face to face with a huge beast that is not new to the team! Who could it be? We'll give you a hint - you do not like him when he's angry.
Hulk 2099 (complete series 1-10)
10 issues pages | 64 мb.

Tags: Hulk Hulk 2099 2099 Marvel
The Hulk 2099, like his namesake, was one of the strongest characters in his fictional universe; and also like the original, the strength of the character would increase with his emotional state. His baseline strength is 150 tons and he is nearly invulnerable. In addition, Hulk 2099 had a high level of speed and stamina, a healing factor, and
2099 Sketchbook
Advertising sketchbook for Marvel 2099 line. Can be ordered by mail with coupons printed in the monthly books of the time in 2099.
2099 A.D. Genesis
There is a place that exists in the direction of the normal of the earth. And this place was named in the late 90's more than a century ago. And the name of this place ... Negative Zone ! Some people are hard at work in the negative zone.Burya goes up, and it does not look so good. One of the workers , Keith , do not feel so good about it . His
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