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Hulk 2099 (complete series 1-10)

Hulk 2099 (complete series 1-10)

The Hulk 2099, like his namesake, was one of the strongest characters in his fictional universe; and also like the original, the strength of the character would increase with his emotional state. His baseline strength is 150 tons and he is nearly invulnerable. In addition, Hulk 2099 had a high level of speed and stamina, a healing factor, and could leap great heights (he could easily leap hundreds of feet in height and hundreds of miles while in an enraged state). Eisenhart can willingly transform himself into Hulk 2099, the process adds 5' 9" inches in height and 1,423 lbs to his frame. Unlike his predecessor, this Hulk had razor sharp claws and fangs that could tear through steel.
The most distinctive contrast of Hulk 2099 to his Earth-616 counterpart was his psyche. Initially, when turned into the Hulk, Eisenhart retained his intellect and personality (although significantly more aggressive, due possibly to his current emotional state). Eisenhart was even able to control his transformations. However, as the series progressed, Eisenhart and the Hulk became two distinct and separate personalities, Eisenhart more ruthless, while the Hulk heroic. As the mental separation became more distant, transformation would only occur during moments of rage.

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