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2099 A.D. Genesis

2099 A.D. Genesis

There is a place that exists in the direction of the normal of the earth. And this place was named in the late 90's more than a century ago. And the name of this place ... Negative Zone ! Some people are hard at work in the negative zone.Burya goes up, and it does not look so good. One of the workers , Keith , do not feel so good about it . His colleagues laughed at him and did not want to hear about it. Kate tries to warn the others , but they just refuse to listen . In the end, they are all in protective suits , so what could happen to them ?

But Keith right : this time the workers got Stormsign! They are in a panic and inform Homegate, they sent obratno.Burya breaks out and kills Kate. Other packages to activate your spirit into their suits and hurry back to their spaceship , but the storm hits, which is good. The workers are trying to reach their bosses , Stark -Fujikawa, but the connection becomes loose ...

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