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Elektra Assassin #1-8 Complete
8 issues pages | 90.9 мb.

Tags: Elektra Assassin Ambassador Reich Claw Elektra Hugo Natchios
An untold chapter in the life of Elektra unfolds, as Marvel's most mysterious assassin begins her journey in an asylum for the mentally insane. Reality and dreams blur together, as Elektra's once-impenetrable mind buckles under the darkness of her past. Marvelous maddening puzzling piece of story that drives the mind of the reader in and out the
Ultimate Daredevil and Elektra
Novelist Greg Rucka and artist Salvador Larroca update blind adventurer and sci-slinging warrior shadow of the 21st century! She has a black belt in martial arts, but the student Electra Natchios ready for a romantic freefall it sinks in when she meets Matthew Murdock, pre law student who is blind ... and much more than he seems,? Collects
Ultimate Daredevil and Elektra #01-04 Complete
Four-emission mini-series, which shows the origin of Daredevil and Elektra as end of the universe. Author Greg Rucka and illustrated by Salvador Larroca.
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