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Mister Miracle #03
The groundbreaking new series from the creators of The Sherriff of Babylon and BATMAN #14-15 continues. The insanity of war is the insanity of Mister Miracle. Darkseid and Orion’s forces clash violently on the battlefields of New Genesis. Stained with blood and glory, the New Gods fight on. As they move closer to victory, Scott and Barda begin
Salvation Run #01-07 Complete
Salvation Run is a seven-part 2007-2008 DC Comics mini-series which will tie in to the DC's major event series Final Crisis in 2008. The premise of the miniseries is that the majority of the DC Universe's supervillains both major ones and newer or more obscure ones have been captured by the Suicide Squad and imprisoned on a distant planet. The
Superman vs. Darkseid
227 pages | 345.6 мb.

Tags: Superman vs. Darkseid Batman Darkseid Superman
The Man of Steel battles the dark lord of Apokolips in this new title collecting SUPERMAN #3 (1987), ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #426, ACTION COMICS #586, SUPERMAN VS. DARKSEID: APOKOLIPS NOW!, SUPERMAN/BATMAN #12-13, COUNTDOWN #3-2, DEATH OF THE NEW GODS #8 and JUSTICE LEAGUE #23.1!
Batman Beyond 2.0 Vol.2 - Justice Lords Beyond
Wonder Woman is back, but what secret is she hiding? Meanwhile, Batman’s journey through the dystopian world of the Justice Lords takes a deadly turn as he faces Lord Superman! Collects BATMAN BEYOND #9-12.
Superman- The Black Ring Vol.2
When Lex Luthor finally regained control of LexCorp, he thought he had everything he wanted. But in BLACKEST NIGHT, he briefly became an Orange Lantern and got a taste of true power. Now he'll do anything – anything – to get that power back. In this second BLACK RING volume, collecting ACTION COMICS #896-900, SECRET SIX #29 and ACTION COMICS
Supergirl Vol.3 - Identity
In this volume collecting stories from SUPERGIRL #10-19 and the INFINITE HOLIDAY SPECIAL #1, Supergirl finally adopts a secret identity, joins the super-team the Outsiders, battles Batgirl, and begins a relationship with her new boyfriend, Power Boy!
Crisis on Infinite Earths
This is a story that changed DC Universe navsegda.Tainstvenny creature known as Anti-Monitor began a crusade in time to bring about the end of all things. As an alternative land systematically destroyed, the monitor quickly assembles a team of super-heroes from across time and space, to fight with his counterpart and to stop the destruction. The
Batman - Superman Vol.3 - Second Chance
The Dark Knight and the Man of Steel to uncover a conspiracy in Toymaster, to create a secret that a potentially deadly element in his new video game that brings to life the characters created by players. and these new creatures have only one purpose: to kill Batman. Guest stars Worlds Finest duo on power Girl and Huntress.
Worlds' Finest Vol.4 - First Contact
Power Girl and Huntress meet Superman and Batman for the first time in these tales from the finest worlds # "18-22 and Batman / SUPERMAN # 8-9! How to stop the Kaizen team Gamorra conspiracy to unload power girl and uncover the secrets of the Earth 2 Superman?
Michael Turner Sketchbook - Aspen Vol.1  - The Early Years
To celebrate the legacy of its founder, Michael Turner. Aspen produces a special Michael Turner Sketchbook: В«Aspen: the early years of" softcover, 48 pages jam-packed with many never-before-seen models of Turner, sketches, popular covers and more from his early days of formation Aspen komiksa.Terner sketchbook is limited to only 1,000
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