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Iron Man Vol.1 - Believe

Iron Man Vol.1 - Believe

Tony Stark is Iron Man - a technological visionary, a rich playboy that is unparalleled engineer and armored avenger . ! But now that his greatest invention just become his biggest mistake : lethal techno Extremis virus is in the wild ! Tony Hunt for rogue Extremis units takes him to New Camelot , where he clashes with fur- called Knights of Circle and air battles of the Black Sea exoskeleton Academy ; in Colombia, where he battles old enemies Vibration , troublemaker and vivid laser ; and the ancient catacombs of Paris, where the absolute horror of waiting - and Tony might have to betray an old friend ! Introducing Stealth Armor Iron Man suit heavy-duty military and space armor as Tony creates new costumes for new challenges ! If he wants to save the world from his own deadly nano- virus , Iron Man must act quickly - and Tony Stark must build faster! Collecting Iron Man (2012 ) # 1-5.

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