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Witchblade #185
48 pages | 72.5 мb.

Tags: Witchblade Detective Gleason Sara Pezzini
SERIES FINALE! An era comes to a close with the double-sized final issue of Sara Pezzini's twenty-year run. Several previous Witchblade artists return to the title to send her off in style. The story resolves Sara's return to New York and her relationship with Gleason and her attempt to find a suitable bearer to give the Artifact to.
Witchblade - Demon Reborn Vol.1 (TPB)
Sending Demon its rightful condemnation, Sara Pezzini police turned her attention to raising her child, dealing with the stresses of the criminal process, and taking responsibility (and price) of the mystical Witchblade. But the tale of the Demon is not over yet! In the depths of hell, he encounters a demoness, being able to send it back to Earth.
Witchblade - Redemption Vol.4 (TPB)
End of an era! Longtime writer RON MARZ (Artifacts, MAGDALENA) and artistic partner STEFAN SEJIC (broken TRINITY) conclude their critically acclaimed run on Witchblade. In this volume, Sara Petstsini must defeat the ancient Babylonian goddess queen Tiamat, who has returned after centuries with an ax to grind Witchblade bearer. Also in this volume,
Witchblade - Redemption Vol.3 (TPB)
New York City Detective Sara Petstsini more times to exclusive control of the powerful, mystical gauntlet known as the Witchblade. She finally returned to normal, but Sarah's version of "normal" includes the study of crime strange mystical city. This volume is a mystery with В«Paper Monsters," a solo adventure with Sarah's partner and boyfriend
Witchblade - Redemption Vol.1 (TPB)
In the aftermath of "War Witchblades," Sarah Petstsini must repay the full mantle of Witchblade and come to terms with her ​​dark actions. This first volume «Redemption» trade line, readers again Sara, boyfriend and partner, Patrick Gleason, and the strange, supernatural world in Witchblade . Fans are also re-introduced to Aphrodite IV, the
Artifacts Vol.1 (TPB)
Catch up on the Event of the Year! Discover the series, which is buzzing with this introductory priced trade paperback collection released simultaneously with the beginning of the second chapter of the annual event! Separately, thirteen mystical Artifacts will determine the fate of the universe. Together, thirteen Artifacts will end the Universe.
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