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Witchblade Vol.8 (TPB)
177 pages | 101.8 мb.

Tags: Witchblade Danielle Baptiste Sara Pezzini
The biggest storyline in Witchblade to date is finally collected! Do not miss the opportunity to see what all the commotion was. Sarah Petstsini exposed the dark side of the Witchblade and only Dana Baptiste can bring it into balance. And with an ambitious Angelus Lieutenant and Angelus force without a host in a circle, nor Sarah, nor data can
Witchblade Vol.5 (TPB)
263 pages | 144.7 мb.

Tags: Witchblade Danielle Baptiste Sara Pezzini
This volume is a crossover hit last summer, the firstborn, his tie-in issues, and several issues related to data-Baptiste and Sarah Petstsini life after sunset universe changes. Demonstrated in this volume are current Witchblade ongoing artist Stephen Sejic, Stephen Sadowski (JSA, Project: superpower), Luke Ross (Indiana Jones), Rick Leonardi
Witchblade Vol.4 (TPB)
238 pages | 126.1 мb.

Tags: Witchblade Danielle Baptiste Sara Pezzini
After a dizzying revelation of the mysterious pregnancy, NYPD Sara Petstsini decides to renounce the Witchblade to a new bearer. Ron Marz (firstborn) and artists Adriana Melo (Ms. Marvel), Stepan Sejic (ANGELUS), and Sami Basri (JLA classified) introduce young dancer Danielle Baptiste and change the face of Witchblade forever! All wrapped up in a
Witchblade - Redemption Vol.4 (TPB)
End of an era! Longtime writer RON MARZ (Artifacts, MAGDALENA) and artistic partner STEFAN SEJIC (broken TRINITY) conclude their critically acclaimed run on Witchblade. In this volume, Sara Petstsini must defeat the ancient Babylonian goddess queen Tiamat, who has returned after centuries with an ax to grind Witchblade bearer. Also in this volume,
Artifacts Origins - First Born Vol.1 (TPB)
NOT Sarah Petstsini no longer has the Witchblade. Realizing the danger it would bring to her unborn child, Sarah decided to give up the powerful artifact and handed it to a new carrier, Daniel Batista, who is still learning to control the Witchblade. Looming childbirth puts in motion events that will lead to war between the Angelus and the
Artifacts #36
Tom Judge and Tilly find students who used mathematical equations to open a portal to the Ancients (featured in the Dark: A New Life). Former Angelus and Witchblade bearer Daniel Batista investigating related killings.
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