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Invincible Vol.13 - Growing Pains (TPB)
In the aftermath of his battle with CONQUEST, Invincible and his world are left in ruins. He's faced with questions he doesn't know how to answer about his future as a hero and what is needed to actually protect the people of Earth. Meanwhile: deep in space, Nolan and Allen the Alien are making preparations for the impending VILTRUMITE WAR! This
Invincible Vol.7 - Threes Company (TPB)
On a trip to Africa Mark finds himself torn between two lives; his normal life with his girlfriend Amber and his superhero life with good friend Atom Eve. Decisions, decisions... Also in this volume: Angstrom Levy makes his move and the truth about ROBOT is revealed!
Invincible Vol.21 - Modern Family
Subsequently, the robot attempts to take over the world, the few survivors who remain have to pick up the pieces of the world once familiar ... but now completely alien. Collects INVINCIBLE # 115-120.
Invincible #120
23 pages | 40.6 мb.

Tags: Invincible Battle Beast Grand Regent Thragg
Thragg vs. Battle Beast conclusion
Invincible #115
29 pages | 58 мb.

Tags: Invincible Battle Beast Grand Regent Thragg
As the events of the world are becoming more acute, we turn our attention to the space ... we turn our attention to ... THRAGG VS. Battle Beast!
Invincible Vol.19 - The War at Home (TPB)
Collects INVINCIBLE # 103-108 Angstrom Levy returns to avenge Undefeated and everyone he holds dear.
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