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Superman- The Black Ring Vol.2
When Lex Luthor finally regained control of LexCorp, he thought he had everything he wanted. But in BLACKEST NIGHT, he briefly became an Orange Lantern and got a taste of true power. Now he'll do anything – anything – to get that power back. In this second BLACK RING volume, collecting ACTION COMICS #896-900, SECRET SIX #29 and ACTION COMICS
Supergirl Vol.2 - Girl In the World
The last daughter of Krypton has a friend: a young woman name Siobhan. Too bad she carries the curse of the Silver Banshee-and Siobhan's father, the Black Banshee, isn't far behind! Don't miss these stories from SUPERGIRL #0 and 8-12!
Supergirl Vol.3 - Identity
In this volume collecting stories from SUPERGIRL #10-19 and the INFINITE HOLIDAY SPECIAL #1, Supergirl finally adopts a secret identity, joins the super-team the Outsiders, battles Batgirl, and begins a relationship with her new boyfriend, Power Boy!
Superman - Earth One Vol.3
Who would save Superman? It can be invincible - but he is also alone! In his brief career as a costumed hero, Clark Kent to run the gauntlet of the most deadly and monstrous villains in the world. But his most serious threat may come from two helpless people, who happen to two intelligent people on the planet. Lex Luthor and Alexander were paid to
Superman - A Nation Divided
When Atticus Kent joins the Union Army against Conferacy, he was not too sure if he would make it out alive. However, when a cannonball hits him with the Confederation in the chest, and he gets back up, he was not sure what to think!
Injustice - Gods Among Us - Year Two #05
Wardens visits Oa Ganthet Superman to confront him about his dominion over the Earth. But Superman has his problems with Ganthet-relative Krypton.
Superman The Man Of Steel Vol.1
A stunning story about the heroism and history, Superman: Man of Steel VOL. 1 beautifully retells and reinterprets the origins and early adventures of man of steel. This fastpaced, revelation book , Superman begins his ascent to iconic hero when he leaves Smallville and becomes Metropolis People celebrated patron and guardian. Thanks man legendary
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