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El Cazador #1-6 Complete
6 issues pages | 60.7 мb.

Tags: El Cazador Crossgen
Beginning a wild epic of piracy and plunder! When a fiery Spanish donessa runs afoul of a villainous armada, she sets sail with vengeance in her heart, reborn as Captain Sin! She is CrossGen's next major hero, and you can meet her in a savage tale of the days when cannons roared, cutlasses clashed, and the seas were stained blood red! Be there as
DemonWars - Trial by Fire #1-5 Complete
5 issues pages | 47.0 мb.

Tags: DemonWars Demon Wars Trial by Fire Crossgen
CHAPTER 1 We are first introduced to a young Andacanavar freshly returning to his homeland as a newly trained Ranger. He happens upon a barbarian ship being attacked by a Powrie Barrel Boat. The powries are small but powerful dwarven like beings that are generally evil in nature. They sport a red cap that by custom is dipped in the blood of
DemonWars - Eye for an Eye #1-5 Complete
5 issues pages | 37.4 мb.

Tags: DemonWars Demon Wars Eye for an Eye Crossgen
This is the second R.A. Salvatore Series in the DemonWars saga set in the land of Corona, and featuring the Ranger Andacanavar. Andacanavar the Ranger has uncovered a plot by the giants of the north to wipe mankind from the face of Corona, the setting of R. A. Salvatore's epic DemonWars fantasy series. This all-new graphic novel pits Andacanavar,
Brath #0-14 Complete
15 issues pages | 166.3 мb.

Tags: Brath Crossgen
The Silken Ghost (1-5 series) Complete
5 issues pages | 55 мb.

Tags: Silken Ghost Silken Ghost comics Silken Ghost Crossgen
Meet history Silken spirit. The crisis in the church, and are designed to protect the five warriors martial arts. If it does not protect the evil its shadow falls on the whole world ...
Mark of Charon (1-5 series) Complete
5 issues pages | 59.9 мb.

Tags: Mark of Charon Mark of Charon comics Mark Charon Crossgen
Download free comics Mark of Charon
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (1-5 series) Complete
A petty thief - Harold hunted theft equipment and other good one vataschil his lucky ticket - fleeing from one lost by-case, he accidentally ran into the door and hit the sample film about cops and gangsters, as well as the role of a gangster neponaslyshke familiar to him that he was immediately taken, so he's from New York was in Los Angeles,
Chimera (1-4 series) Complete
4 issues pages | 109.4 мb.

Tags: Chimera Chimera comics Sara Crossgen
Sarah, once barely escaped from the military machine of the Empire, is now working on a mining planet. Quiet life ends with the arrival of the novice miner ...
Archard's Agents (1-3 series) Complete
- Archard's Agents Volume 1 - Archard's Agents Volume 2 - Archard's Agents: Deadly Dare
Abadazad (1-3 series) Complete
3 issues pages | 68.5 мb.

Tags: Abadazad Abadazad comics Crossgen Kate
History of fourteen Kate is inextricably linked with a certain book series about a magical land that was allegedly written a hundred years ago and repeatedly reprinted. Something like Oz. In "Abadazade" meet periodically "quotations" of this series - pages of text, starting from the middle of phrases and ending almost in mid-sentence.
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