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DemonWars - Trial by Fire #1-5 Complete

DemonWars - Trial by Fire #1-5 Complete


We are first introduced to a young Andacanavar freshly returning to his homeland as a newly trained Ranger. He happens upon a barbarian ship being attacked by a Powrie Barrel Boat. The powries are small but powerful dwarven like beings that are generally evil in nature. They sport a red cap that by custom is dipped in the blood of defeated enemies. The Powries are on their way to a quick victory until Andacanavar arrives and begins decimating their ranks with his enormous silverel sword using a customized version of Bi'nelle dasada, the elven sword dance, to accommodate his large size and huge weapon. The remaining Powries retreat and swim ashore where we meet Grave Mungo, a member of the raiding party, but a little different in nature than the typical Powrie.

The story now shifts to the introduction of the Abellican church as a missionary group which has come to Alpinador to convert the "Barbarians" to the one true church. The Abellican church is composed of a devout group of monks that some consider to be the best martial artist's in the world, and also backed by the tremendous magical power of the "Holy" gemstones, which when properly trained in their use can unleash tremendous destructive and healing powers. The Abellican leader Abbot Greene and the monk Moira demonstrate the powers of healing to a group of wounded barbarians, but refuse treatment without conversion to the Abellican order. Moira does not agree with the methods of the Abbot knowing that some of the people are gravely injured and it would not be hard to pass off the magic as natural healing. This and the barbarians inherit distrust of magic leads to future conflicts between the two.

We next officially meet Byggvir and his daughter Elene. Byggvir is a barbarian chieftain, and the one leading the earlier ship in the losing battle against the powries until Andacanavar arrived. The mention of his life among the Elves by Elene causes tense reactions from Byggvir and his men regarding the "magical" nature of the Touel' alfar. Andacanavar leaves the group realizing the tough road he must follow if he is to ever gain the trust of his people. The following day a carriage carrying Elene, the Chieftain's daughter, is assaulted by the group of powries that survived the attack on the barbarian ship. Grave Mungo is among this group and shows the first testament to his character by protecting Elene from the rest of his kinsmen once the carriage was under their control. Unfortunately this did not last as three frost giants appeared to claim the prize for their own.

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