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Out There Vol.1 - The Evil Within
163 pages | 243.9 мb.

Tags: Out There - The Evil Within Casey Jessica Mark Zach
What’s to Love: Collected in its entirety for the first time! From acclaimed Crimson creators Brian Augustyn (Batman: Gotham By Gaslight) and Humberto Ramos (Spider-Man) comes the first collection of Out There, returning readers to the haunting of John C. Fremont High School, featuring a brand-new cover and a new story by Ramos. What It Is: El
Imperial Vol.1 (TPB)
146 pages | 178.6 мb.

Tags: Imperial Katie Mark Pancho Sarape
Will Mark take the ring of Katie – the woman who has chosen him to be her life-long soul mate? Or will Mark take the crown of Imperial – the hero who has selected him as mankind’s next protector? IMPERIAL is a revealing, romantic comedy buddy book with commitment issues (and bonus material) from STEVEN T. SEAGLE (it’s a bird..., GENIUS),
Imperial #04
33 pages | 40.2 мb.

Tags: Imperial Katie Mark
It is a day that will change lives forever! Seriously, it will. But how ...? Mark will take the ring Katie, a woman who chose him to be her lifelong soul mate? Mark or take the crown imperial hero, who chose it as the next great patron of mankind? Or is there a third option Mark never saw coming? (Maybe that last one. That would be fun!)
Imperial #03
33 pages | 40.5 мb.

Tags: Imperial Mark Pancho Sarape
Better than sex? This party line that super heroic Imperial towed by his protege hero-in-training, Mark. But even if it is better, it means Mark is ready to give it up, along with many other human attributes? And that wicked threat that people call "Pancho Sarape?" Well, actually, it is just bad wedding DJ, but some things are not worth fighting
Imperial #02
33 pages | 40.9 мb.

Tags: Imperial Mark Steven T. Seagle
ALL tremble before evil that METERAX and his ... ah, you know what? Who gives a damn? Wedding Brand Katie looms and he still has not learned to fly or get a superhero costume yet. But this Imperial, which gets a lesson when Mark teaches him how to make s'mores: Jab it - Heat it - pack - Squish it. Now, it is necessary for the salvation of the
Mark of Charon (1-5 series) Complete
5 issues pages | 59.9 мb.

Tags: Mark of Charon Mark of Charon comics Mark Charon Crossgen
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