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Moon Knight Epic Collection - Shadows of the Moon
Ghosts, werewolves and things that go crazy in the night! Marvel's multiple-personality midnight marauder takes the fight to the strangest rogues' gallery in all of comics - from Arsenal, the one-man army, to the nun with a crossbow known as Stained Glass Scarlet. The Jester is no joke, for either Moon Knight or Daredevil. Then there's Morpheus,
Arsenal (1-4 series + special) Complete
5 issues pages | 53.4 мb.

Tags: Arsenal Arsenal comics dc Arsenal
Arsenal - current moniker Avenger Roy Harper , a former team-mate and ward Green Arrow (Green Arrow). He was also known by nicknames Shustrik and Red Arrow . Although Arsenal have no super-powers , with its precision can be compared only his mentor . The boy , who became Arsenal , was born under the name of Roy Harper Jr. in the family gamekeeper
Age of Innocence - The Rebirth of Iron Man
Tony Stark as a teenager fighting for his life in a medical facility, while others reflect on the life and nature of its predecessor, the adult Tony Stark of Earth-616. The story ends with teenagers Stark regained consciousness and was talking with his longtime confidant Edwin Jarvis.
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