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Thanos - The Final Threat
The mad Titan Thanos gathers the six Infinity Gems in a ruthless bid for interplanetary power! It's up to the Avengers to stop him! How far will the heroes go to beat a villain whose only goal is to win the favor of Death herself? Contains Avengers Annual #7 and Marvel Two-In-One Annual #2.
Ruins #1-2 Complete
2 issues pages | 30 мb.

Tags: Ruins Aurora Captain America Captain Marvel
As a counterpoint to the legendary Marvels series, Warren Ellis explores a Marvel universe where absolutely everything that can go wrong, has gone wrong.Reporter Phil Sheldon investigates a dark and hopeless world where no supermen or women were created from amazing accidents, instead they have all died horrible deaths, or worse.
Korvac Saga #03
Dark and potentially catastrophic madness pursues domain Forest Hills, and caused unimaginable tragedy. Lord Michael Korvac, governor of the province, commanded his faithful guardian, to neutralize the threat as quickly as possible, as a major peace summit with his rival's Korvac, Wonder Man Simon Williams, is in danger. Even powerful Starhawk
Captain Marvel #15
24 pages | 34 мb.

Tags: Captain Marvel Carol Danvers Chewie
She's back! With the Galaxy behind her and her lover ground before Carol is preparing to return home, in the process! For all except the end close that ...
Captain Marvel #14
23 pages | 35.1 мb.

Tags: Captain Marvel Carol Danvers Groot Iceman
Black whirlwind ARRIVED! Captain Marvel gets pulled into the cosmic event of the year! But will power Vortex be too strong for the Earth powerful hero? Especially when facing off against space-strong Iceman and the Grotto!
Captain Marvel #13
22 pages | 37 мb.

Tags: Captain Marvel Carol Danvers
Look Mighty Marvelites! In this issue, Captain Marvel is facing with regard to space thugs! Who would you put your bets on - Captain Marvel or group of bloodthirsty space pirates?
Captain Marvel #12
The question that starts Major Captain Marvel and the Avengers events! However justified from flying, Captain Marvel and takes another dangerous kind of bird Deathbird! Disabled, but firmly Carol risks themselves and their lives! PLUS: stop the evil that was cronyism Deathbird's!
Captain Marvel #11
Christmas Carol comes to housing! You could even say that it will be Christmas Carol. This is a hint, guys.
Captain Marvel (One-Shot)
After stumbling on hate crimes, special agent Monica recruited Derrek Freeman to investigate a series of attacks on campus YSU It was here that she learns from the Rocket Racer, it has links with both the children and the Snake accident that occurred here lately. Monice forced to use his powers to defeat the sons of the serpent and the neo-Nazi
Captain Marvel Special
After her departure from the Avengers for the loss of his powers, Monica decides to join the Marines. It was here, as their captain, it faces a villain Powderkeg. During the fight, he showed that he is working on the South American crime lord, who also enlisted the support of the moonstone. As he powers are beginning to re-appear as changes in the
Captain Marvel #10
100TH SOLO QUESTION Carol anniversary special! We celebrate 100 on a high-flying Carol Danvers' flavor of the speaker, and butt kicking adventure, thanks to you, our beloved Carol Case! Join writer Kelly Sue Dekonnik and artist David Lopez, Marcio Takara and more as we bring you the sign (and sized) release almost 50 years in the process!
Captain Marvel #09
23 pages | 40.7 мb.

Tags: Captain Marvel Carol Danvers Chewie Lila Cheney Tic
Face front, Carole body after the accident with Flerkin, full of Carol regained their hands - this time with a special guest star on the X-Universe: rock and roll Maven marvel universe, Lila Cheney!
Captain Marvel #08
Vain Carole adventure through space with its animals, Chuy lasts! The rocket was right, though, Carol body! There's more to Chuy than meets the eye! But where is Flerken come from? Chuy is a mom ... to hundreds. Where is she hiding all these Flerken eggs, and this is not the end for Carol and her pet?
Captain Marvel #07
For questions 7 and 8, Marcio Takara, incomparable artist to be incorrupt, joins Carol body! What happens when Captain Marvel and its flerkin 'cat Chuy is unexpected alien visitors? In space, nobody can hear you MEOWWWHISSSS!
Captain Marvel #06
22 pages | 42.7 мb.

Tags: Captain Marvel Carol Danvers Jackie Tic
Since then, she went to her last "adventure", Carol Danvers was her butt handed to her at every turn. She did this nonsense. Let's start flipping some tables, right? Crosses, Rocket Girl, and Jackie, commander, participating in the development of "Oh no, you di'n't!" Action too!
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