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Captain Marvel #05
24 pages | 37.7 мb.

Tags: Captain Marvel Carol Danvers Jackie Tic
Since then, she went to her last "adventure", Carol Danvers was her butt handed to her at every turn. She did this nonsense. Let's start flipping some tables, right? Crosses, Rocket Girl, and Jackie, commander, participating in the development of "Oh no, you di'n't!" Action too!
Captain Marvel #04
Captain Marvel has a premonition about the real reason for the forced relocation of people and rocket girls sets new crew find evidence! Carol turns out there is a history person per site. Ruth ROH. What time is it? When the bad guy is trying to blackmail our hero and use the Avengers against her ... Maybe payback?
Captain Marvel #03
Captain Marvel and the Guardians of the Galaxy! Carol takes her mysterious alien passenger house ... and in the middle of an uprising against the Galactic Alliance! To obey orders to our good soldier - or challenge the Avengers side with David vs. Goliath? Two guesses. First one does not count.
Captain Marvel #02
Higher, faster, further .... WAR! Captain Marvel forges to the last line and thrown into the forefront of the battle. Can it survive the alien half of all alien world? The breakthrough hit in 2012 makes a glorious return!
Captain Marvel #01
As Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers aka, comes to an intersection with a new life and new romance, she makes a dramatic decision that will change the course of her life and all the Marvel Universe in the coming months. It's time to go higher, further, faster and in the most super-powered comic around!
X-Statix Presents Deadgirl #01-05 Complete
It is difficult to keep a good girl down ... especially when she's dead ! That's right, true believers keep you freaking hats ! After a brief hiatus caused by their , ahem , deaths, all your favorite mutants are back! And this time , they bring many questions ... with them. As why some heroes and villains keep on dying , only to return from the
Captain Marvel: Time Files 2099 (complete)
4 issues pages | 33 мb.

Tags: 2099 Captain Marvel Marvel
Collecting Captain Marvel Time Files storyline, where he visits the 2099 universe. The 2099 world has been seen occasionally since it's cancellation, most notably in Peter David's "Future Tense" storyline in Captain Marvel, which revisited both Spider-Man 2099 and the alternate future of the Maestro that David created in The Incredible Hulk:
Thanos Imperative #01-06 Complete
Dangerous and mysterious fissure known as the Fault has opened, and the dark forces of a rival universe where there is no death are pouring through to claim ours! Nova, The Silver Surfer, Quasar, Gladiator and more of the greatest cosmic champions Marvel Universal line to stop them - but it can be even more than they can handle. Fortunately,?
New Avengers #13.INH
Inhumanity tie-in! - "On the other hand" With the effects of infinity fresh on their minds, tough decisions. Collect new Illuminati. We learn more about other creatures associated with invasions.
Ultimate Extinction #01-05 Complete
Ultimate Extinction, Warren Ellis and Brandon Peterson, was the final chapter in the long Galactus Trilogy. As in the previous chapters of the trilogy, he took his own tone of the narrative. Which was just as science fiction disaster film with Ta Lak Tus as the impending global disaster. This limited edition features the final version debuts Misty
Ultimate Secret #01-04 Complete
In the second chapter in the long Galactus Trilogy, Ultimate Secret was started by Warren Ellis and Steve McNiven, but the schedule McNiven forced him to leave the series after the second issue . Tom Raney replaced it , but still suffered a series of long delay before all four issues were finally published. Ultimate Secret is very different in
Hunger #04
Beginning of the End? Rick Jones failed to stop the Earth from destruction? The agony of the universe! The hero will be reborn? Road to CATACLYSM starts here!
Fantastic Four Roast
Fantastic Four get fried Fred Hembeck style. The entire Marvel Universe on hand for the celebration, but the mean enemy is waiting in the wings to spoil the fun.
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