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Superior Spider-Man Vol.5 - The Superior Venom

Superior Spider-Man Vol.5 - The Superior Venom

Flash Thompson, Secret Avenger known as Venom, is back in town - but his first encounter with the Supreme Spider-Man to be friends, or flash to sense the presence of dangerous Peter Parker? And, as Otto Octavius ​​takes another big step in his life as Peter Parker, can no longer be part of the life of Flash coming to an end? Would it not a poison? As heart returns, MJ facing your fears, and the new Goblin born one question everyone will be asking is, "Who Superior Venom?! And half a century later, do not miss one of the most cringe-worthy moments all Spidey-stories! Avengers guest stars! Plus: Blackout wants to restore its reputation by killing Superior Spider-Man - and to do so, it aims Aunt May! SUPERIOR Collection Spider-Man # 22-26 and Annual # 1.

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