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Arsenal (1-4 series + special) Complete

Arsenal (1-4 series + special) Complete

Arsenal - current moniker Avenger Roy Harper , a former team-mate and ward Green Arrow (Green Arrow). He was also known by nicknames Shustrik and Red Arrow . Although Arsenal have no super-powers , with its precision can be compared only his mentor .
The boy , who became Arsenal , was born under the name of Roy Harper Jr. in the family gamekeeper . Roy argued that " never knew my mother ," and, in fact , he does not even know her name. For a while Harper Sr. raised his son alone. Unfortunately, he died in a major fire , rescuing members of the Navajo (Navajo), when Roy was a little two year old. Shaman reservations , Bigey Raymond (Raymond Begay) , nicknamed the Brave Bow (Brave Bow), was to bring up Roy as a thank his deceased father. Under the tutelage of the Brave Luke Roy was brought up in the traditions of the Navajo , and came to be regarded as a member of the tribe of tahini (Tachini).

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