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Blackest Night (TPB)

Blackest Night (TPB)

All out war between the different Corps rages on , the prophecy of Blackest Night descends in this hardcover collecting the best-selling Blackest Night # 0-8 . Now, Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps lead DC champions in the battle to save the universe from an army of Black Lanterns consists of dead heroes and villains in the DCU !

Through thousands of worlds , the dead have risen . These black lanterns , heroes and villains recruited from the grave have one goal : to repay the whole world - and life - in the universe.

Once Hal Jordan overcame death . As the greatest Green Lantern ever own emerald ring , it does not doubt Hal lead a life of debt against this vast army of the dead.

While Blackest Night consumes Earth's heroes , seven sections, authorized the emotional spectrum should end their war against each other - to bear witness to the end of all creation.

Each of these very different cases - helped rage , greed , fear, will , hope, compassion and love - must unite against the Black Lanterns , but only those whose light shines the brightest can lift the shadows cast by the Black Hand and his followers .

As Earth becomes the ultimate battle between the living and the dead , there is only one certainty .

No one escapes death. Since .

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