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All-New Invaders #15
RETURN Toro PART TWO As the series comes to an end, Steve Rogers, Jim Hammond and Namor to consider past and future invaders. Meanwhile Neo-Nazi threat that these characters (including lights and Sam Wilson Captain America) persons currently includes both Lash and the royal family of the Inhumans, on both sides after Toro and Iron Cross. And what
All-New Invaders #14
Toro RETURN !!! THOMAS "TORO" RAYMOND comes from his inhuman cocoon with new strength and new enemies. Maybe Jim Hammond, Nemor new Captain America and Sam Wilson to help his colleague on his dangerous degeneration? Will the British Union Jack and intervention SPITFIRE-with-Winter Soldier solve the mystery of Martian invasion? Guest starring
All-New Invaders #13
20 pages | 44.6 мb.

Tags: All-New Invaders Falcon Makkari Tanalth
In the aftermath of the defeat of Cree's of new invaders and loss GOD whisper, TANALTH looking for answers send it to the cosmic quest and fight forever (and the Golden Age Hero) Maccari. Will Cree warrior and eternal speed to kill each other or get answers to them and look for? Plus the first meeting Sam Wilson with new invaders.
All-New Invaders #12
Various art legendary KILLRAVEN Artist P. Craig Russell In 1917, which resulted in the Union Jack with an iron fist, and the freedom of the five? You will not believe the invasion of Martians ...?! Plus: The Winter Soldier sends Modern INVADERS to England to help Spitfire ... but why?
All-New Invaders #11
CELEBRATING the 75th anniversary of the Human Torch and Submariner With epic battle! JIM Hammond, ORIGINAL Human Torch was driven mad by the events Issue # 10 Now it's up to Namor stop his rage! Plus the return of light and all-new Iron Cross! And in England, SPITFIRE and the Union Jack should be faced with different kinds of INVADER ...
All-New Invaders #10
Hunting for TORO! JIM HAMMOND reprogram? One of the "Band of Brothers" traitor? Sensational end of the war and Deathlok Martian invasion? It has it all, even KILLRAVEN !!!
All-New Invaders #09
DEATH AT Deathlok! LUTHER MANNING THE LAST STORY! WINTER SOLDIER, Namor and the initial mission of the original Human Torch, to save old partner Jim Hammond and his colleague Invader TORO has changed in light of the new threats, the thief Toro has in his possession ... Each ... Deathlok in Marvel Universe! As the torch overcome his enemy the
All-New Invaders #08
22 pages | 40.3 мb.

Tags: All-New Invaders Bucky Barnes Jim Hammond Namor Toro
New invasion must be stopped! Reeling from the stunning revelation last month's all-new devastating INVADERS discover a new threat! What is the secret behind the abduction THOMAS Raymond, an old friend of the torch maintenance? Namor can WINTER SOLDIER and the Human Torch to save humanity or is it already too late? New arc and returning fan
All-New Invaders #07
ORIGINAL SIN tie! Jim Hammond ORIGINAL Human Torch, an agent of SHIELD, should reveal the tragic original sin invaders! Did the team make a fatal mistake in the calculations for disobeying orders from above? Will the Japanese Super Heroine RADIANCE make them pay a high price? The shocking end, which sets an all-new epic!
All-New Invaders #06
Everybody has one ... What unspeakable horrors lay blood soaked past Namor and Jim Hammond? And these sins come to bear today? All will be revealed when the invaders charge headlong into the original sin in June this year in the All-New INVADERS в„– 6!
All-New Invaders #05
WORLD stunning conclusion that "Gods and men"! Invaders are trapped on a hostile world and under relentless attack god mind control. Faced with the fate worse than defeat, will be Captain America, Namor, the Human Torch and WINTER SOLDIER become a means for the Kree Empire conquered the galaxy? What role is played by one of the most powerful races
All-New Invaders #04
"Gods and Soldiers' PART FOUR Invaders invasion of Hala, the Kree Homeworld, and has already begun ... our heroes are in trouble. Now the team has to contend with the Cree-controlled God, but that God? Which of the pantheon? And how can they win the immortal with unlimited power? See unleashed Namor, Captain America fight and Human Torch turn up
All-New Invaders #03
"Gods and Soldiers' PART THREE Plans were drawn, clear task - to save their ally Neymor, Invaders Must live the rest of his name and to fight Hala, Cree home planet! But how does it AARKUS, original vision, to understand this strategy? As winter soldier will find it in the first place? In addition, in the battle of Neymor Tanalth and her pursuer
All-New Invaders #02
"Gods and men " PART TWO Eisner Award winner James Robinson (STARMAN, Plot 2) returns to MARVEL, combining with Steve Pugh ( animal man , Hotwire, GEN-X "), to create a unique new look at the invaders How ORIGINAL Human Torch decides to return to the human race , he and his colleagues INVADERS face severe rage final Cree hunter 's , TANALTH
All-New Invaders #01
"Gods and Soldiers' PART ONE Eisner Award winner James Robinson (STARMAN, EARTH 2) returns to MARVEL, combining with Steve Pugh (animal person, Hotwire, GEN-X), to create a unique and modern take on the invaders. Cree EMPIRE intends to conquer the universe using a weapon that will provide them an army of Norse gods. It falls into four heroes
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