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All-New Invaders #14
Toro RETURN !!! THOMAS "TORO" RAYMOND comes from his inhuman cocoon with new strength and new enemies. Maybe Jim Hammond, Nemor new Captain America and Sam Wilson to help his colleague on his dangerous degeneration? Will the British Union Jack and intervention SPITFIRE-with-Winter Soldier solve the mystery of Martian invasion? Guest starring
All-New Invaders #11
CELEBRATING the 75th anniversary of the Human Torch and Submariner With epic battle! JIM Hammond, ORIGINAL Human Torch was driven mad by the events Issue # 10 Now it's up to Namor stop his rage! Plus the return of light and all-new Iron Cross! And in England, SPITFIRE and the Union Jack should be faced with different kinds of INVADER ...
All-New Invaders #06
Everybody has one ... What unspeakable horrors lay blood soaked past Namor and Jim Hammond? And these sins come to bear today? All will be revealed when the invaders charge headlong into the original sin in June this year in the All-New INVADERS в„– 6!
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