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All-New Invaders #05
WORLD stunning conclusion that "Gods and men"! Invaders are trapped on a hostile world and under relentless attack god mind control. Faced with the fate worse than defeat, will be Captain America, Namor, the Human Torch and WINTER SOLDIER become a means for the Kree Empire conquered the galaxy? What role is played by one of the most powerful races
All-New Invaders #03
"Gods and Soldiers' PART THREE Plans were drawn, clear task - to save their ally Neymor, Invaders Must live the rest of his name and to fight Hala, Cree home planet! But how does it AARKUS, original vision, to understand this strategy? As winter soldier will find it in the first place? In addition, in the battle of Neymor Tanalth and her pursuer
Eternals Vol.3 #01-07 Complete
7 issues pages | 173.2 мb.

Tags: Eternals Ajak Dreaming Celestial Druig Ikaris Iron Man Joey Eliot Kra
The miniseries originally planned to cover six issues, but extended to seven. Author Neil Gaiman and illustrated by John Romita Jr., the series is trying to bring back to the Eternals in the Marvel Universe Civil War era.
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