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Avengers & X-Men - Axis
Red onslaught broadcasting telepathic wave of hatred around the world - and the greatest heroes of Marvel incorporated their moral axis! That the Avengers and the X-Men find in the dark "reeducation camps" Red Skull? What is the dark secret of Tony Stark? And with the characters "back" to the evil that will stand against them? What about the army
Avengers & X-Men - Axis #09
ACT III: NEW World Disorder Who will live? Who will die? Who will be inverted? Shocking climax, which promises to crack the Marvel Universe to the core! Old enemy must claim the mantle of his greatest enemy in order to save the life of all he cares about! Terrible fate X-Man! Terrible choice Avengers! If you read only one comic this age - this is
Avengers & X-Men - Axis #06
ACT TWO: INVERSION Axis of Evil won, who is to stop them? Rogue and Snake vs. Mystique! Thor against Loki! Magneto and Quicksilver against the Scarlet Witch! This is it, the face of the new world disorder - Striking formed Avengers!
Avengers & X-Men - Axis #05
ACT TWO: INVERSION Steve Rogers enlists Spider-Man and Nova impossible to fight. New Supreme Sorceress comes revenge on Doom. Iron Man vs. Daredevil for the fate of the infected San Francisco. X-Men argue a new home. Axis of Evil heroes dumped Universe Marvel!
Avengers & X-Men - Axis #04
ACT TWO: INVERSION The fate of the Red Skull decided. One of the founders Avenger leaves. Birth KLUH, the strongest there. Doom rips Latveria. X-Men to join their greatest enemy.
Avengers & X-Men - Axis #03
ACTION: RED SUPREMACY With heroes lost, the fate of the world lies in the hands of the most loathsome syndicate known to man. Scarlet Witch forced to join Dr. Doom, the man who unleashed his power to cause M-Day, or she will follow those she loves the most die. The return of one of the greatest villains in the Marvel Universe! Avenger comes, heart
Avengers & X-Men - Axis #02
ACTION: RED SUPREMACY The heroes of the Marvel Universe storm beaches Genoshian reeducation camps, the Red Skull. What they find will lead to a grim new era. Revelation dark secret promises of Tony Stark to destroy the fragile alliance between A and X. All of the new Captain America is paying a terrible price. Nova attempt to solve the crisis
Avengers & X-Men - Axis #01
ACTION: RED SUPREMACY Red Skull used the greatest gifts telepath in the world to broadcast pure hatred around the world. Now, was born in the murder of Charles Xavier, World War Hate begun. Tony Stark learns the secret truth that flip not only their lives but also the lives of all the people he cares about. Can the Avengers and the X-Men finally
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