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Dark Reign The Cabal
Doctor Doom! Emma Frost! Good! Namor the Sub-Mariner! Loki! They are members of Norman Osborn's secret conspirators villainy, united in a common cause, as they move to change the very landscape of the universe Marvel! Now, five all-new stories, learn how each member of the syndicate's sinister plans to capitalize on the situation, and perhaps how
Amazing Spider-Man Vol.1 - The Parker Luck
The greatest super hero of all time is back! The world can be changed, so Spidey no longer, but there is Peter Parker. This is a man a second chance at life, and it is not wasting a minute of it. But his old enemies have returned and - breathe, out of control, and crazier than ever: Electro and Black Cat demand revenge! As if dealing with them is
New Avengers Vol.1 - Breakout
Following the systematic destruction of the original Avengers, just some kind of threat to peace could persuade Captain America to assemble an all-new team? And after the events of Avengers dismantled, which could be on this team? How to Cover, Iron Man, Spider-Man and Wolverine sound? Fate brought them together, and now Captain America wants to
Grimm Fairy Tales - The Piper (1-4 series) Complete
4 issues pages | 89.2 мb.

Tags: Grimm Fairy Tales The Piper Brothers Grimm
New side of the good old fairy tales from the Brothers Grimm in a new terrible and awful role. Pereplitayutsya of fairy tales with the lives of our heroes in real time what the consequences of unknown ...
Avengers The Initiative Annual
You got permission to Camp Hammond most important files. For the first time anywhere, witness the hidden origins of the glove, the Armory, MVP, and Hardball. Also, learn some of the most Hi-Tech Initiative secrets. And to meet the team from the second state of America, Pennsylvania, as they battle SMASHER flag and forces an ultimatum! How Philly
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