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Hawkman Special
Winged Warrior journey to the Land of the Dead for the sake of the people he killed. Waiting for him are landslides mystical adventure and special guest villain Gentleman Ghost!
Shadow War of Hawkman #01-04 Complete
Here Hawkman is designed to prevent an invasion of Earth. This invasion begins in the shadow of the five Thanagarians appear out of nowhere to make a petty thief to try to steal the anti-gravity device Hawkman's website. Hawkman is able to stop such that the theft from occurring, but while he was away, the second detachment attacked his wife,
Rocket Raccoon #01-04 Complete
A dazzling crazy adventure in Halfworld! This mini-series re-introduces us to the crazy going on in the world of whacky mismatch (nuts) of the people and their caregivers animals.
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